Tauromachy - A documentary by Jaime Alekos

Tauromachy is a wholly independent, author-led project, with free and open distribution.

The price of this independence is that all the production costs have been fronted personally; the cameras, the lenses, transport, petrol, insurance, soundtrack, translation and distribution.

Once you have watched it, if you think the content is worthwhile, I would like to ask you to lend a hand financially in recouping some of these costs.

It is simpler than crowdfunding: the project is not a promise based on abstract ideas or something that is half done. It is tangible and finished, and you can form an opinion about it as a whole piece of work.

Any money received will go towards covering the investment made to produce this documentary and to finance independent journalism projects like Tauromachy in the future.

You can donate any amount you like, through the following PayPal link.

Thank you.

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